Discover the 9-in-1 CREATIVITY KIT

The IKITOI 9-in-1 Creativity Kit is a large-scale construction set that develops children’s creative and spatial intelligence. With just one kit you can assemble up to 9 different giant figures. Children can easily build and dismantle them as many times as they want.

Encourages children's free play

This kit has been designed to encourage children to develop autonomous play while acquiring creative skills. It has multiple possibilities for large-scale construction: a rocket, a boat, a car, a house, a kitchen, a puppet theatre… they can build everything themselves with the kids-friendly illustrated instruction book.

Your imagination is the limit!

We show you how to build up to 9 figures. Once children are familiar with the construction method, they can let their imagination run wild and invent countless new figures.

How does it work?

25 large, lightweight and sturdy cardboard pieces that are joined together with flexible rubber hinges. Children can create multiple combinations and invent a game and a story with each structure they build.

A suitcase full of adventures

The entire contents of the kit are stored in its carrying case for easy transport or storage, taking up very little space!


We seek to provide the necessary tools for children to openly build their toys and develop the most creative side of their thinking. That is why we rescue the curious spirit found in all children and encourage it through games that nurture their desire to create. Our mission is to inspire the little creators of the future.


Our 9-in-1 Creativity Kit has been awarded the Argentine Good Design Seal, an official distinction given to products that stand out for their innovation, their participation in sustainable local production and their design quality.

This product has passed the quality tests required to be commercialized in the European Union.